Monday, April 27, 2015

Photography is Easy

The truth is, good photography, although not exactly trivial, still requires a lot less skills than, say, painting, or playing a musical instrument. Anyone with a modest doze of persistence can figure out basic relationships of ISO, aperture and shutter speed, effects of different focal length, white balance and tone curve. Then all it takes to make a few good pictures is to take thousands of whatever pictures. Here is the result of my cherry-picking a few shots I mined from my digital collection. Most of them shot on the modest Canon PowerShot S95 and lightly edited in Picasa.

On a PC, hit F11 to put your browser to full-screen and then click on the picture to see it in the album.

Hakone, Japan

Rain in Wyoming

Paris, of course

Seattle Skyline


Caminito, Buenos Aires


Key Largo, FL


Kauai, HI

Napali Coast

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